How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form

Requirements for degree attestation from HEC Islamabad: Degree holder can submit the document by self but! Signature Letter of Attestation for Good Character Sample By completing this letter I am attesting that I have never been found guilty or pleaded guilty or pleaded no contest, regardless of the final outcome, to any of the following charges on the attached list, under the jurisdiction of Louisiana or any other similar jurisdiction of the United States, regardless of whether those records have been expunged or sealed.

These organizations accept attested copies of transcripts, certificates and degrees in sealed envelope directly from issuing boards and HEC in Pakistan to WES or CES address by courier. But if you need attestation urgently then you can visit HEC any working day before your reserved date.

How is passport number entered in the online application form? According to the new online degree attestation system, applicants have to create their accounts on following HEC web link for attestation of their educational documents from HEC: To avoid any objection make sure that your name on all certificates, marksheets, degrees and CNIC is same before your visit.

HEC online attestation is for life time. Please, provide the original FIR along with the newspaper showing the announcement of lost degree.

Letter for Attestation of Documents

Is it necessary for the applicant to come in person for attestation? For example, if you are joining a company in Saudi Arabia your employer will ask you to get attested your degree from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan.

However, the HEC determines their equivalence and Equivalence letter can be attested, if requested by the applicant.

The applicant s can also avail the services of authorized courier company i. Starting to Write 1 Never bend the truth or outright lie as you may be called upon in the future to defend your attestation.

HEC Degree Attestation / Verification Procedure and Requirements

Before going to HEC office to attest your degree, you have to know about the following guidelines to get rid of difficulties.

Yes, transcripts for incomplete studies signed by the Controller of Exams of the respective university are attested, provided that clearly mentioned. We will send you name of our Case Manager to use on authority letter and HEC online application form.

This may carry legal ramifications in cases involving criminal records. Degree Attestation by HEC: Please write program title as per Equivalence Certificate. For complete information about attestation at regional centers. All documents such as birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates and educational degrees etc.

Enter only digits part of passport e.In case of absence of degree holder, authority letter duly attested by Grade officer for authorized person. Copy of I.D.

Sample Attestation Letters

Card of authorized person. Attach original receipt of payment of processing issued by HEC Finance Division. HEC Degree Attestation / Verification Procedure and Requirements Online HEC Application Form.

You will print out this only from HEC computer lab. 1. Authority Letter attested by grade 17 officer in favor of you.

2. CNIC of that person. The applicant must have passed degree within 3 years from the date of commencement of the examination.

Degree Attestation from HEC Islamabad

For attestation of "Equivalence letter" issued by the HEC, please attach the original Equivalence letter along with all necessary original documents as stated below.

The HEC attests the copies of degrees and transcripts only after attestation of the original documents.

How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation lahore

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An authorization letter for HEC is a legal document which gives permission to a third person to go and. HEC DEGREE ATTESTATION REQUIRMENTS • Original Degree • In case of absence of degree holder, authority letter is required from degree holder.

(Attach a • Applicant's name must be same in application form and documents. • Copy of Nikah Nama in case of female (married) applicant and Husband name is mentioned on. Islamabad - The Higher Education Commission (HEC) amending its degree attestation policy has decided to end the requirement of previous academic record for verification of the certificate issued by any higher education institution.

How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form
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